Boston University


Project Director(s):

Lois McCloskey, PhD
Boston University
School of Public Health/Community Health Sciences
801 Massachusetts Avenue FL 4th
Boston, MA 02118-2605
Phone: (617) 638-5882
FAX: (617) 638-5370


Health inequities persist in our nation, reminding us that our vision for the 21st century–that all children, youth and families live and thrive in healthy communities–has not been realized. The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program at Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) seeks to build on its decade of success to prepare a diverse MCH Work force to bring fresh ideas and leadership to this vision.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal One: Strengthen our education programs to assure an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates the life course perspective, responds to emerging MCH challenges, and lays the foundation for leadership and lifelong learning. Graduate >140 MPH long term trainees, with 35-40% from URM groups; Establish a Diversity Scholars Program with the support of an ethnically and culturally diverse team of alumni mentors who are MCH leaders Goal Two: Develop and implement an integrated approach to family centeredness and cultural competence that enhances MCH professionals’ capacity to address inequities. Employ a team of family and community consultants to review our curriculum and make recommendations for integrating these critical themes in MCH Develop and disseminate a tool kit for use by academic and practice partners Goal Three: Generate, translate, and integrate new knowledge to enhance MCH training, inform policy, and improve health outcomes. Support 55 MPH students as Research and Practice Fellows, providing hands – on mentored research leadership experiences Secure 30 externally funded research grants to advance MCH science. Goal Four: Strengthen the national MCH workforce through interdisciplinary training, jointly planned and implemented by a broad-based collaborative of HRSA-funded training programs and partners in New England. (PM 62) Establish the New England HRSA Continuing Education Collaborative Continue to provide technical assistance tailored to the needs of Title V partners Healthy People 2010 objectives which this project addresses: Objective 23.9 Increase the proportions of schools for public health workers that integrate content to develop competence in essential public health services.” and Objective 23.10 Increase the proportion of federal, tribal, state and local public health agencies that provide continuing education to develop [competencies].